Ribs of the sSs BBQ Barn

sSs BBQ Barn, my second favorite restaurant in Oz. the ribs are to kill for. I’ve been craving these sSs Ribs for two years. They look as good as I remember. …and they tasted as good as I remembered. Now that’s how ribs should be cooked.

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Drivin’ the Hume

Don’t think I’ve ever driven to Sydney on the Hume Highway before. Usually I go through the Snowy mountains or up the coast. I’d remember something this utterly boring… Somebody wake me up when I arrive…

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Monegeeta mansion

Monegeeta mansion. Still as creepy as when we filmed The Gates of Hell. Still just as inviting too.

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Day 02 – From lakes of stink to lakes of wonder!

Click Here To Purchase Image I was back on the road and the paranoia from the gas bottle was waning, as was the stench of the stink pit lake. Then I noticed that gas of a different kind was also waning. The fuel gauge on the car was starting to look pretty sorry for itself. […]

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17 Must Do’s on a Road Trip from Cooktown to Brisbane

Planning a road trip from Cooktown to Brisbane? Here are 17 things that I think shouldn’t be missed as you travel down the coast.

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