Day 01 – A Moment of the Absurd

I pulled up the GPS map and tried looking for a good place to camp for the night. I was surprised to see that I’d traveled quite a bit further than I had thought. I noticed that I wasn’t far from an area I had been intrigued by when I first started thinking about this […]

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Day 01. Schizophrenic Skies

As it approached midday I thought I’d look for some lunch. I was building an appetite, seeing as I got up so early and I’m not really big on breakfast. I turned off and headed toward San Remo. I thought about heading to Philip Island but as I approached and saw the bridge, I figured […]

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Day 01. This way, that way, any way?

Click Here To Purchase Print At last I was on the road and heading… Shit… Where’s my phone?… . At last I was on the road and heading… somewhere… Anywhere? I can’t believe I hadn’t actually picked a direction to go yet. First things first though, I needed to fill the car up. I had […]

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