Day 02 – Down under Downunder!

Click Here To Purchase Image Fifteen years after first hearing about them, I was finally on my way to visiting Buchan Caves. I left the pretty town of Lakes Entrance and headed North towards the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. As I drove, I was actually getting excited at the idea of seeing these caves […]

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Day 02 – From lakes of stink to lakes of wonder!

Click Here To Purchase Image I was back on the road and the paranoia from the gas bottle was waning, as was the stench of the stink pit lake. Then I noticed that gas of a different kind was also waning. The fuel gauge on the car was starting to look pretty sorry for itself. […]

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Day 02 – I got gas… The Great Gas Mystery

As I left my little campsite and began the days driving, I had two things on my mind other than the migraine that was developing. Find breakfast and find a place to have a shower. OK, so I may as well get it out in the open now. I am somewhat of a clean freak. […]

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Day 02 – The Storm Within

Even before my eyes opened, I could feel the pain of a migraine rippling through my head. Some people think a bad headache is a migraine, they are so wrong. The pain is uniquely different to a regular headache no matter how bad it is. I slowly opened my eyes to the world. Right now […]

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