BBQ + BBQ = Docs

As it turns out, having all you can eat meat at a Brazilian BBQ one night, followed by masses of BBQ pork ribs at the sSs BBQ barn the next, isn’t such a great idea. Time to go see a doctor. This could really screw with my timeline.

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Ribs of the sSs BBQ Barn

sSs BBQ Barn, my second favorite restaurant in Oz. the ribs are to kill for. I’ve been craving these sSs Ribs for two years. They look as good as I remember. …and they tasted as good as I remembered. Now that’s how ribs should be cooked.

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Australia Day Rant – Sausages In Trouble

Today is Australia Day and although I would like to just celebrate, drink beer, have a BBQ and chill out, I thought I’d take a moment to raise your awareness of a darkness that is sweeping the nation. An infection, a curse that is threatening the Australian way of life. There isn’t much that is […]

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