Road-Trip Travel Tips #2 – How to find the cheapest petrol in town

Can you believe there used to be a time when the price of fuel wasn’t a huge issue? It wasn’t that we were all rich. It was before we realised oil was running out and the oil companies decided to exploit this news by jacking up the prices in search of astronomical profits. But that […]

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A Moment of Art – Lake Resonance

Click Here To Purchase Image Behind the Shot It’s been quite some time since I last created any new digital fantasy or sci-fi art. I seem to have been focusing my time more on the straight landscape photography. But I guess you just can’t change who you really are and I am a person that […]

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Day 02 – From lakes of stink to lakes of wonder!

Click Here To Purchase Image I was back on the road and the paranoia from the gas bottle was waning, as was the stench of the stink pit lake. Then I noticed that gas of a different kind was also waning. The fuel gauge on the car was starting to look pretty sorry for itself. […]

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