Global Orgasm Day

Mark December 21st in your calendars people. It’s the “Global Orgasm Day”. Dedicate an orgasm to world peace. Let’s change the world with love. Or at least have fun trying Global Orgasm Day

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17 Must Do’s on a Road Trip from Cooktown to Brisbane

Planning a road trip from Cooktown to Brisbane? Here are 17 things that I think shouldn’t be missed as you travel down the coast.

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Road-Trip Travel Tips #1 – A Dip In The Road

On my travels along the east coast of Australia, I accumulated a lot of experience, especially as a solo road-tripper. Some of what I learnt was just plain old common sense, other things I picked up through trial and error, and then there was the stuff I learned from simply failing miserably. I thought it […]

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Let the adventure begin… Again?

So I thought it’d be a good idea to start this blog of with an explanation to everyone who followed my adventure (while it was happening) why it is I’m starting it all again. But first, for any new readers, a bit of back story about this blog. I also include an example of how much better quality the photographic images are now.

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