Latest act of Stupidity

11:37pm - THOUGHT: Gees I’m getting tired. I really want to make another hundred kilometers today but maybe I should pull over for a quick twenty minute power nap.
11:44pm - THOUGHT: That looks like an okay place to stop.
11:46pm - OBSERVATION: Oh wow the stars look amazing. So clear, so bright, so many.
11:47pm - THOUGHT: I’ll open the sunroof and put the seat back so I can look at the stars before falling asleep.
6:44am - THOUGHT: PAIN! Oh dear God what is that pain? Where is that pain? It hurts everywhere. What did I do? And where is that light coming from.
FACT: being over-tired, I had fallen asleep for seven hours, wearing nothing more than shorts and a thin t-shirt, totally exposed to the elements while on the tail end of a chest infection.
REFLECTION: Thankfully it is not winter and the temperature only dropped to ten degrees Celsius. Only time will tell if there will be any lasting effects from this latest act of stupidity.

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