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Refraction - Golden Beach, Victoria, Australia

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Tech Specs

Date / Time - 16/04/09, 7:05:50 AM
Location - Golden Beach, Victoria, Australia
GPS Coordinates - 38,13.8825S, 147,22.6014E
Altitude - 1 metre
Camera - Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
Focal Length - 135.0 mm
Aperture - f/36
ISO - 100
Shutter Speed - 1/4000

Behind the Shot

I stood on the hill looking out over the ocean as the Sun rose in the morning sky. I loved how the light shimmered and danced as it refracted off the calm, infinite ocean surface. I closed down the aperture and increased the shutter speed in an attempt to close out all but the brightest of sparkling highlights.

Photo Processing

Not a great deal has been done in the processing of this shot. A touch of sharpening to really bring out the sparkles and some localised lens blurring to decrease the depth of field and give a greater sense of how vast the seascape really was.

I was surprised to notice that I had actually captured some very faint details of two cloud streaks directly above the light on the ocean. I thought this kind of detail would have been lost in the darkness. I enhanced them a little to make the clouds more visible. I think this adds a nice, subtle frame to the image.

Photographic Prints

This image is available with either a lustre or metallic finish while mounted onto 3/16" rigid gatorboard. Or it can be mounted onto a rigid masonite board and set in a glassless wooden box frame of either black or chocolate colour. The sizes range from 12”x18” right up to 30”x45”.

A good selection of various merchandise is available too. From beautiful desk organisers, made of solid mahogany to drink coasters. I believe this image would make quite a challenging puzzle.

To purchase this print, simply click on the link below and then click on the "Buy" button located directly above the image.

Don’t see the product you want? That’s fine, get in touch and let me know. There’s a good chance it’s available but not listed on the order page in an attempt to keep things neat and tidy. There are literally hundreds of products and variations available. Bay Photo and EZ Prints handle all the printing and their complete range of products are available. Just click on the names to be taken to their product catalogs.

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I'm fairly easy going when it comes to licensing my work. If you want to use this image in any kind of commercial work, click on the above "Purchase Image" link, click on the "Buy" button and choose "Downloads" to see the options. If you want to use this image for non-commercial reasons, such as using to enhance an article you have written or are blogging about or you want to use it as an element within your own artwork, please send me a note outlining what your plans are and I'll more often than not give you a license to use the image in return for a back-link and credit along with the image sized and compressed to suite your needs.

Contact me here.


Feedback is always welcome. I love hearing what people think of my photographs. What memories, feelings and stories do they evoke for you. All feedback is good feedback, even the negative stuff. Learning what people like and don't like is all part of how we improve as creative professionals. So leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

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